Standards reserve apartments


* Studies are detached, being able to not exceed the number of people expected. Visitors may not stay overnight in the study must pay the fee.

* With the study it included a single vehicle.

* On arrival day study may be available from 15 h. and up to 22 h. Although entry into the camping can be before.

* On departure day we must make available the study before 12 h., Previously warned it to proceed with its review.

* The study will be left clean and tidy as it was delivered clean kitchen utensils, rubbish deposited in the appropriate places. Otherwise a cleaning fee will apply to deduct from the security deposit.

* Reservation requests may be made by mail, fax, phone or e-mail, but not considered firm until they have received confirmation from the campsite and delivered a% of the total cost of the stay as a deposit on account and booking guarantee , by the means indicated.

* The remaining amount of the stay will be paid on arrival, but A deposit of 50 € for possible damage, breakage or cleaning that had to be performed in the study. This deposit will be returned upon departure, once the state has reviewed the study and inventory of it.

* The cancellation of the reservation will be entitled to retain maximum in compensation the following percentage of the required signal.
a) 5% if the cancellation is made more than 30 days before the date fixed for occupying the accommodation.
b) 50% when it is made 30 or less days and more than 7.
c) 100% when it is made less than 7 days.

* For the billing date of entry indicated in the independent real day of entry reserve is considered.

* The campsite agrees to keep available to interested parties made reservations studies with payment and signal until 20 h. the date set for the start. From there the reservation will be canceled.

* The rules of internal regime especially in the following aspects are respected:
Between 24 and 8 h. They are considered hours of rest, so that it could be adapted behaviors. At this time the entry of vehicles is not allowed.
In the TV volume will remain low so as not to disturb the neighbors.

* In studies not any kind of pet is allowed.

* The Camping Playa Regatón not provide towels in the apartments. The towel hire is charged at 5 € and a duration of 3 days.

* Minimum stay in high season for reserve studies is 4 nights.